In 1870, when William Wadsworth Findlay opened the Findlay Galleries, Kansas City Missouri was the “Gateway to the West” - the jumping-off point where people with visions of gold, cheap land, and the American Dream began their journey to the New Frontier. 


It was during this unique time in American history that the original Findlay Art Gallery was born. Ranchers drove their cattle to market at the Kansas City stockyards, and returned home laden with furnishings, mirrors, and sometimes, art from our family gallery. As Kansas City and the American West grew and expanded, so did the Findlay’s business. This era was the beginning of the Findlay family art tradition - five generations of art dealers later, the traditions continue today. 


At the turn of the Twentieth century, the second generation of Findlays took a gamble on two young artists -- Charles Russell and Frederic Remington. Currently regarded as symbolic of the New West, these artists are now in the collections of some of the country’s premier museums, such as the Art Institute of Chicago and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


For two generations, The Findlay Galleries prospered in Kansas City. Then, in 1936, the third generation's David Findlay, one of William Wadsworth’s grandsons, expanded the business to include a gallery based in New York City.


From the mid 1930’s through the early 1960’s, the third generation of Findlays grew the business, expanding to Chicago and Paris. 


In 1959, Peter joined his father’s New York based gallery, the fourth generation of Findlays in the art world. 




In 1972, Peter opened his own gallery in New York and was eventually joined by his eldest son Joshua Findlay (representing the 5th generation of Findlays), with his younger son Ian Findlay also working with the gallery operations.


For many years we had a large public gallery showing a diverse stable of contemporary artists along with our masterwork portfolio. Today we deal privately with a few collectors and dealers.


Peter comments:


 "The art business today is so ... different from when I started 63 years ago. High prices and the influence of the auction galleries have made the trading market much tighter and the public better informed.  In a market where a mistake can be an expensive one, the role of the dealer as advisor and 'eye' has become critical." 


The Peter Findlay Gallery specializes in Impressionist, Modern, and Contemporary paintings, sculptures, and drawings 


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